Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ponytail holders made with Big Shot

A Big Shot project - ponytail holders.  One of my clients from the market requested that I make some of these especially for her.  One of the holders was to be black and the other colour was left up to me.  I am giving her a choice of vanilla or poppy red.

Here's how I made them.
.microfleece or fleece
.flower die - I used the flower folder die Pg. 208
.Big Shot
.an elastic
.needle and thread
.embroidery floss
.button or other embellishment

Method: Cut out 2 smallest flowers and 5 of the next size up(medium).
Use one medium one as the base.  Fold the others 4 times matching the petals, and sew each in the middle. After they are sewn, place them on the base flower and sew in the center of the base.  Place the small flower on top and sew in place.  Attach a button or other embellishment if desired.
Now attach the elastic to the bottom of the flower using embroidery floss.
Here are the others.

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Lucia Kaiser said...

These are darling! I can't wait to try it. Thank you for sharing!

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