Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book made from SU packing material

I'm always looking for ways to reuse and recycle, and the packing material that comes in the SU order box is rich in possibilities.
Today I made a book using this packing material.
Here's how I made the book.

 The book is made using stab stitching which is a traditional form of book binding in which the covers are attached to the pages using decorative stitching.  Features of stab binding are that the thread, ribbon or cord used for the stitching should pass around the outside edge of the covers and that each hole is sewn through several times. A binding guide template will be included in this post.
.2 pieces of 8 1/4 X11 7/8" of brown wrapping paper.
.2 cardboard sheets 6 by 8 1/4"
.12 pieces of brown wrapping paper 8 1/4 by 11 7/8"
.Yellow, green and brown ink pads
.craft knife, metal ruler and cutting mat
.glue stick
.bulldog clip
.scrap of cardboard for binding guide
.1 1/16" hole punch
.large eyed needle
.60" of ribbon
.stamp and embellishments of choice

1.  Crumple 8 1/4" X 11 7/8" of brown wrapping paper and unfurl it.
2.  Flatten it out on top of some scrap paper and gently brush the yellow ink pad over the whole piece.  Do the same with the green ink pad.

3.  Crumple the paper again and unfurl it.  Repeat the brushing, this time using the brown ink pad.

4.  Trim a 1 1/8" piece off the end of one of the boards.
5.  Cut a 1 3.4 X 11 7/8" strip of brown wrapping paper and glue the pieces of board to it with a a glue stick, making sure to leave a small gap between them.  Fold the rest of the strip round and glue it in place as a reinforcing strip.

6.  Turn the inked paper face down and glue the board in the center (or use sticky tape)

7.  Cover the board.

8. Add plain brown wrapping paper on the inside after the board has been covered.

9.  Cover the second board
10.  Cut the remaining brown paper into 6 X 8 1/4" pieces.  Use the bulldog clip to hold them straight and together.  These will be the pages.
11.  Make a binding guide.  Using this guide, mark the insides of both covers and the papers where the holes are going to be.

12.  Put the pages between the covers, align the holes and hold everything in place with a bull dog clip.

13.  Thread the ribbon on to a large-eyed needle and take it down through hole 2, leaving a 3 1/8" tail.

14.  Bring the needle up through hole 1, then take it over the top and back up through hole 1.

15.  Pull the ribbon through, then take it round the spine and back up through hole 1 once more.

16.  Take the needle down through hole 2 and up through hole 3.

17.  Pull the ribbon through, take it round the bottom of the book and up through hole 3.  Next, take it round the spine and back up through hole 3 once more.

18.  Remove the needle and take the remaining ribbon under and round the tail to start a know on top of hole 2
19.  Take the ribbon over and round itself to finish the know.  Trim it to shape, then remove the bulldog clip.

20.  Decorate the book as desired.

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