Monday, August 3, 2015

Craft Show in Bancroft Aug. 1 and 2, 2015

On Saturday and Sunday I did a craft show in Bancroft, a small community in northeastern Ont (in the middle of nowhere).  The community was holding its annual gemfest and the Chamber of Commerce decided to combine a craft event with the gemfest. You might say the town doubled in size for the weekend.  Although it is almost 2 hours away, I decided to drive back and forth.  No accommodation could be found for almost 100 km around the town - plus room prices were exorbitant!

Other vendors told me that attendance was down from last year.  They feel the weather played a role in this.  Both days were extremely hot and humid, with a sudden downpour of rain on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday was beautiful, but oven hot. It rained ****** on the way home, and I just pulled into my driveway when it started to rain accompanied by thunder and lightning.  Talk about timing!

Because my product was paper, I was placed indoors with 3 other vendors (where it was air conditiioned). One vendor I knew, one lived in the same town as my daughter, and I was a friend of someone else I knew.  It's beginning to seem like a very small world.

Customers seem to come in waves.  Sometimes there was nobody in the room, other times there was a mob around my table.

My sales were extremely good.  I am so happy. 

What sold?  I finally sold one of the serving trays (the butterfly one).  A gentleman was interested in the other one, but since I don't take VISA or debit payments he didn't buy it.  Other items:  a couple of ceramic trivets, several coasters, phone books (I can't keep them on the table), decorated note pads, post it notes, magnetic book marks, purse with cards, tote bag with note card, berry baskets, stepper boxes, and a lot of cards, magnets.  I handed out almost all of my retired catalogues (with a letter in it indicating some products were retired and if they wanted to order something to e-mail me first). 

Most communities have had their craft stores closed, so many customers were in a quandry as to where to get their supplies.  They were happy to hear about Stampin' UP, and there was a lot of interest in "Class by Mail" which is a new venture I may be starting in September.  Few details are put together yet for this. A lot were interested in Project Life.  So many women stated they had no time to finish the projects they started and the Project Life approach got them excited again.

So, was this show good for my business?  You bet!  Will people follow through?  That's hard to say.

I had my picture taken with a customer looking at my cards by a photographer from the Bancroft Herald, a local newspaper.  He asked for my business card and he had quite a reaction when he saw it.   "This is a work of art and the best one I have ever seen" he said.  I was stunned, but pleased at the same time.

Anyway, I know you're waiting to see some pictures. The last 2 pictures are of a daylily  I have never seen before.  It had a large flower and looked like a cross between a lily and a hibiscus.  I wanted to take a cutting, but I thought people would notice.

I'm doing a one-on-one tutoring today, and Tuesday I am back in Buckhorn for the Farmer's market.  Then on Thursday I'm off the Millbrook for Ladies Night; Saturday to Port Hope for their yearly craft show at their Farmer's market.  As my father used to say:  "Make hay while the sun shines"


CraftyLyn said...

Love reading about your craft shows, and what items you sell etc. You do a lot of shows and markets and selling your products helps pay for more items from Stampin Up. Love your Business Card Holder, would love to see your very own business card on diplay for us all to see and get ideas for our own. I congratulate you for all your craft endeavours and look forward to seeing more posts on your success. Greetings from Australia. Lyn

CraftyLyn said...

Love seeing all your market events. Am glad that you have good sales. Makes it all worthwhile. Congratulations on setting a lovely display. Greetings from Australia.