Thursday, November 6, 2014

Craft Show in Keene

Last night I was one of the vendors a the "Wellness in Keene" event. This event went from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. and was held in the United Church there.

I must admit I haven't been to Keene for a long time, and wasn't sure where I was going.  The GPS was no help as the address did not even come up, and Mapquest indicated I had a 45 minute drive (I didn't think that was right).  I found the Keene United Church purely by accident, but then went to the wrong door of the Church.  So I decided to go for a drive - and lo and behold there was the event- on a different side of the Church.

And I was right - it was not a 45 minute drive, but a 20 minute drive.  Phew!!  I wasn't looking forward to a long drive home late at night along country roads.

 A gentleman  helped me to unload the car while I started to set up my table.  While I was doing that, the organizer came over to me and asked me if I would like to take the table beside me as that vendor just cancelled.  Of course!  Thank goodness I had an extra table cloth with me.  Note #1 to self:  always carry an extra table cloth with you.

I was curious as to how the organizing committee had "found me", so of course I had to ask.  And the reply rather astonished me.  Apparently they went to the Hand of Man web site, checked out my blog, loved my work, and decided I would be a good fit for them.  So it was my blog that sold me this time.  That's  a first!  Note #2 to self - keep on improving my blog because you never know who will drop by.

I didn't take a picture this time.  I'm sure you're tired of seeing my set ups by now.  But the fact that I had 2 tables enabled me to really spread out.  I had endless comments about how lovely my display was and all the other vendors came over to have a peak.  One of the vendors came over and asked if she could take a picture of my display.  Now, I don't usually allow picture taking because indivuals have been known to copy work and pass it off as their own.  I have been cautioned by organizers of various craft venues I have attended not to allow picture taking unless it was the press.  This time I didn't mind as it was the display she was taking a picture of, not individual pieces of work, and she made sure I was in the picture. I hope that was the right decision.

I'm actually getting to know several of the vendors, as we seem to be on the same craft show circuit. I'll see a lot of these vendors on Saturday, at my next craft show in Lindsay.  Apparently one of the 10 mistakes made by vendors is not being friendly with the other vendors.  I always make a point of visiting every booth, introducing myself and finding out what others  are selling.  This is also a good time to find out what other shows they are in, and making a note of new ones to apply for next year. And it doesn't hurt to help out other vendors however you can.  I wasn't able to physically carry stuff, but I did lend out my dolly, which they appreciated very much. One good turn deserves another.

Sales started out really slowly.  I put my Christmas cards on "special" just for this show, and of course they were my best seller of the night.  I also sold some trivets, a stepper box, one of my octagonal boxes, some ornaments, tags (one of my tags in a tin) etc.  My total sales was down a bit, but it was only a 3 hour show, so $120.00 is nothing to sneeze at.

It was a good event, and it was a privilege to be asked.  I must admit 9:30 at night was rather late for me, and by the time I packed up and drove home it was almost 11 p.m.  By the way, the same gentleman who unloaded my car, make of special point of returning to the Church just to carry my stuff out  and load the car for me.  I was extremely grateful and thankful!!!  I was so lucky!

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Heather A said...

A great read with excellent advice. Thanks! Good luck at your next show.