Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hand of Man Day 1

Well actually it was evening one.  After setting up early in the day, the show started at 5 p.m. and went until 9.
The Hand of Man is one of the oldest craft shows in the Kawarthas.  It is part of the Peterborough Guild of Arts and Crafts, which I joined in the summer.  Joining the Guild means the booth fees are reduced in half. About 17 members are part of the Guild, but you don't have to belong to the Guild to be part of the show.  There were 67 vendors at the show, so a lot of people chose not to and ended up paying full price.
I'm having camera problems again this week.  I had it with me and took pictures, but my computer won't let me title the pictures.  All I get is a blip.  I hope to have some pictures for you tomorrow.

The night was a cool and blustery one, which kept a lot of people away.  But attendance was fairly good and my sales were slow but steady.  I made close to $150.00 which is not bad for 4 hours.  I sold everything from cards (more general nature than Christmas), to calendars, coasters, journals, bookmarks, ornaments, etc.  Both remaining journals sold in less than an hour, so will have to replace them for the next show in 2 weeks.

Again comments were made about how well everything was packaged.  My son told me "It's everything in the packaging mom!" and he was right.  He took marketing in college.  And Stampin' Up makes it so easy to put together beautiful packages. It takes a bit more time to make a box, or decorate a box, design that tag etc, but it's well worth it.  So those of you who are doing craft shows or thinking of doing one - it's all in the packaging!  Mind you the quality of workmanship must be there as well.

I met a lot of people I knew tonight, including former students, who assure me they are coming back to class.  I also met a lot of people who saw me in Buckhorn and recognized my work.

More tomorrow for Day 2 which goes from 9 until 5.

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Jane said...

Your booth look fantastic Maria. It was all laid out and presented so nicely. Good luck tomorrow.